Month: October 2016

Game effort Spooked OUT for 2016

We are sad to report that the game will not happen at all for 2016 season. 🙁 The details and reasons are many.  Too many for this post and too boring to explain unless you are a programmer. You could say that we were Spooked Out of our own game making effort.  Got to “house 49” and then the ghost (time) chased us away! :'( Is this the end of Pumpkin Hunt?  NO!  Just a set back. We will still work on the game, the site, and the app for Hunting Pumpkins over the coming year. But for 2016,...

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Jax Zoo 2016 lands 360 for the count!

Grafxmkr and FloridaBoy attended the Jacksonville Zoo annual Spooktacular event and accounted for 360 jack o lanterns during their visit! It was a fun time for all ages. Grafxmkr debuted her new Bird Costume and FloridaBoy wore his Mayor Of Pumpkinville...

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Previous Pumpkin Hunters have been moved over

The Hunters from the Original Pumpkin Hunt website have been moved over and Spirit Points added to their profiles. Note that the passwords were reset if we had to create the Hunter account. The Awards will be added at another time. We still have ALL records so don’t worry, nothing is lost in translation....

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No game. WebGL technology has blighted us.

Update.  The game is probably not make it to publication this year. WebGL technology continues to be the problem, mostly because it will not let the game POST information to the databases on our servers.  Not giving up, but with Halloween a week away and our ghouls and ghosts wanting to go out and enjoy the season, it is not looking good for the proposed timelines. Once it is available,  the same promise applies. We will send out to our returning members for exclusive playing. Enjoy the season! 1 week to go for the BIG DAY! 😀...

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Best laid plans… don’t go as planned.

An update on the 2016 season – and the Game. We are sorry to say that Pumpkin Hunt – The Game 2016 edition will not be released this year as intended. 🙁 After a major BATTLE with the spirits within the many devices we were trying to haunt with our awesome game… it looks like the devices win (for now). The game was completely redesigned to make a better spooky experience for all.  Your Admin, and FloridaBoy (our pro-bono consultant) were working non-stop since May and then August until this past weekend… yeah, non-stop!  2am wake up to rattle the skeletons and then off to bed at 8pm (and yes, a day job was mixed in there somewhere as well). SO… we missed the mark this year for 2016.  And we understand the disappointment that our fans might be experiencing… no game, no teams, no fun. 😛 However, our adoring die-hard fans… the ones that have been kind enough to reclaim their hunter status via the Returning Hunters page… will be given an exclusive link to the game in BETA mode.  So that you can still have SOME Halloween fun while the Halloween spirit is still in full swing. It is not there yet, we are looking to put it up this weekend.  So, please don’t ask yet. Oh, and yes… we will be putting in some effort into...

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2017 Game Launches in September!