The Basics

The game consists of you, The Player, and a series of Game Boards (Houses).

The each house has a board of 100 squares.

Each of the squares of the House contains an object of some kind.

Only one (1) of the Searchable Squares of the House contains one of the Gold Pumpkins.

At least three (3) of the Squares of the House hold Ghosts.

At least seven (7) of the Squares hold Dread Skeletons.

After a certain Pumpkin Points Rank is attained, one (1) bomb will be in each of the house boards.

The other squares are filled with various items but are mostly cobwebs with nothing of value in them.

The player can find objects of value or Power-ups to help with game play.

The player clicks or taps on squares to search them one at a time.

When the player searches a square, a number of searches remaining is reduced by one (1) and the house bonus is reduced by a significant random amount.

If the player runs out of searches, the house will be reset in “Tricked mode” and the player will need to try the house again.

The player can click or tap on items in the Item section to activate them.

House completion or “Escaping the House” criteria is that the player finds the Gold Pumpkin within a number of searches given and then searches one (1) more square without finding a ghost.

If the player finds a ghost after finding the Gold Pumpkin, the house is Not Escaped and the player must try again to search another square without finding a Ghost in order to complete the House.

A house becomes Bombed if the player finds the Bomb, finds the Gold Pumpkin, and then successfully Escapes the House on the First Try.

The Bomb is lost if the player does not successfully escape the House on the First Try.

All 50 House must be completed to Win the Game.

All 50 Houses must be completed and Bombed in order to 100% Win the Game.

If playing a Glory Mode game, the Player can use the Treat Bag under the Glory symbol, to use purchased Power-up items.


The Game object is to enter each House, find the Gold Pumpkin inside as fast as possible, and ESCAPE safely.

Doing this for all 50 houses wins the game completely and earns bonus points.

The secondary objective is to blow up each house with The Bomb (explained later) after the player has escaped it.  Blowing up all 50 houses earns the 100% complete status on the player’s game.

How to Escape the House Safely

Escaping safely means that on the Last Move to Escape the House, the player doesn’t uncover choose a square where a Ghost is residing.

Each time the player reveals a ghost, the house is NOT ESCAPED and the Player must try again to ESCAPE by choosing a different square.

After the house is exited safely, with the Golden Jack, the player has the option to go on and search another house. Click NEXT HOUSE to begin searching the next House.

Game completion

The Game ends when either all 50 Pumpkins have been found, or the Player is Spooked by the Ghost three times (that means, SPOOKED OUT!). Of course, if the player feels they have earned enough points, they can elect to Loot & Leave (Finish the Game) at any time.

The only time the player cannot click Loot & Leave is when the Gold Pumpkin is found in the House. Finding a Pumpkin means the player MUST MAKE ONE MORE selection to ESCAPE that house. If the Ghost is found during the ESCAPE, the player hasn’t escaped safely and MUST proceed to select another square. The house is only “escaped” safely if the player searches an area where there is no ghost.

Limited Searches in each house.

Each house has only so many searches to find the Gold Pumpkin before the House is failed.

If the house is failed, the house is tried again in “Tricked Mode”.

Tricked Mode

Tricked Mode resets the current house entirely and removes all previous searches.  The house items are completely moved around and all point and power-up items are removed.  The Gold Pumpkin, the ghosts, the skeletons, the cats, and Compass will be the only items available.

The player must try to find the Gold Pumpkin and escape the house under these new conditions.

Important to note, that in order to complete ANY house and move on to the next, the Gold Pumpkin must be found and the House must be successfully escaped.

Ghost Sabotage

From time to time, the Ghost will gain the ability to Sabotage the player’s house search efforts. In this instance, the Ghost will erase all previous search results and all previous Zansabar clue indicators.  Nothing is moved, but all visual references to any searches will be removed.  Only squares that were previously lit by way of Flashlight will not be affected.  Important to note, that if a square was searched previously and then was recovered, nothing of value will be place in them.  And the ghost may occupy that square once the Gold Pumpkin is found.

Getting SPOOKED!

Getting Spooked Once (1) and the player will lose HALF of their points…  and add a ghost to the Spook Meter.

Getting Spooked TWICE (2) and the player will again lose HALF of their points…  …  and add a ghost to the Spook Meter.

Getting Spooked Three (3) times will cause the player to run frantically from the Village.

This will be the end of the game for the player and they again lose half of the points they had!

So long as the player doesn’t get SPOOKED 3 times by the Ghost, the player can proceed to retrieve all 50 Jack-o-lanterns in the Village. The Amount of times a player has been SPOOKED is indicated on the Spook Meter.

If the player has 3 ghosts on the Spook Meter at any time, this is a “SPOOKED OUT” condition and the Game is over.

Bad Things to Find

Black Cats

These will startle the player and cause points to be lost.  The amount will depend on the house number the player is in.  The higher the house, the more points are lost.

Dread Skeletons

These beings will startle the player and cause points to be lost and the Spook Meter to be increased by 1 Skeleton.

A number of points lost will depend on the house number the player is in.  The higher the house, the more points are lost.

Once the player hits 10 Skeletons at any time on the Spook Meter, the Player will lose all communication with Zansabar (he will be gagged) for the rest of that House.  There will be no more clues or any advice from Zansabar for the rest of the house.

If a player hits 20 skeletons at any time on the Spook Meter, the 20 skeletons will be converted into 1 Ghost (Spook).

As previously stated, 3 Spooks and the player is SPOOKED OUT of the Game.

Note that in this Spook event, none of the Player’s points are lost; other than the points from the Skeleton.

A further note, the Wizard-Walk Stone (explained later) does not prevent Skeletons from Spooking Out the Player!

The Ghost of Jackson Warsaw

The Ghost that haunts the Abandoned Village wants to scare the player out to protect the Gold Pumpkins.

Each encounter with the Ghost by the player, meaning the player finds a Ghost, results in the player’s score being reduced by half and the player’s Spook Meter to be increased by 1 Ghost.

If the player has 3 Ghosts on the Spook Meter, the player is Spooked Out and the Game is Over.

The ghost also has the ability to sabotage the player’s progress in a house by way of Sabotage.  This ability happens on certain houses and Zansabar will warn it is in effect for the house from the start.

Zansabar™ The Wizard

Zansabar is the reason the player is searching the village in the first place.  He appears to need the Gold Pumpkins for some type of magic (to be disclosed in future chapters).

During the game and after house searches, Zansabar will appear and alter the shading of the game squares to blue, red, or purple.

Blue squares represent where the Jack-o-lantern might be, as in, the Jack WILL BE in one of those blue squares.

Red Squares represent where a Ghost might be.  As in, there will be a ghost in one of those squares.

Purple squares represent where the clues cross themselves, and a Jack-o-lantern or a Ghost could be in one.

Each time Zansabar gives a clue, the house bonus is reduced significantly.

Zansabar’s powers will start off very strong in the game, but as the player moves further into the village… the frequency of his Magical powers failing increase because of the distance he has to cover to scan the houses.

Also, Zansabar will not be able to help the player escape the House nor help the player look for the Bomb.

Good Things to Find

The Wizard-Walk Stone™

When found it will be collected and shown in the player’s Item area.

If the player has the Wizard-Walk Stone and finds a Ghost, the player will then have a few seconds to decide to use the Stone or not to call Zansabar.

If the player doesn’t click the Wizard-Walk Stone fast enough, then the player will be spooked by the Ghost like normal.

But if the Stone is used, Zansabar will then appear and cast his Magical spells on the Ghost and send him away.   This prevents any loss of points and prevents the increase to the Spook Meter.

This effect only happens once per Wizard-Walk Stone.

The Cross

The Cross will provide the player protection from the Dread Skeletons for a certain amount of uses.  Each encounter with a Skeleton while possessing a Cross results in no points lost and no increase to the Spook Meter.

Once found, The Cross is displayed on the Items area along with the number of uses before it is gone.

The Knight’s Shield

Once found, this item is placed into the player’s Items area.

The Shield will protect the Player from ALL encounters with Dread Skeletons until it is lost.

If the player has the Knight’s Shield and finds a Ghost, the player will then have a few seconds to decide to use the Shield to defend against the Ghost.

If the player doesn’t click the Knight Shield fast enough, then the player will be spooked by the Ghost like normal.

But if the Shield is used, it will then block the Ghost and send him away.   This prevents any loss of points and prevents the increase to the Spook Meter.

But the Knight Shield is destroyed as a result (no more protection from Skeletons) and the Player then receives a Wizard-Walk Stone in its place.  The Wizard Walk Stone will be placed in the player Items area for use on the next ghost encounter.  (See Wizard-Walk Stone).

The Backpack

This item stays with the player for 5 consecutive houses and helps by giving a place to store points earned during game play and protect from loss from the Ghost.

When the player collects this item upon searching a house, the Backpack will “bank” the score immediately and display the Backpack icon in the Items area along with how many houses the Backpack is good for (including the house the player is currently in).  Then for the amount of houses remaining, it will “bank” the players’ score at the start of each house before any searching begins.  The player can check the contents of the Backpack anytime by clicking or tapping the Backpack.

The Backpack protects the player’s score from ghostly encounters.

If the player encounters the Ghost while wearing the backpack, the score will be reset to the value in the Backpack.  (as opposed to losing half of the points as per normal).

The backpack will not protect the player from being SPOOKED.

The Calming Stone

Yes the tranquil Calming Stone.

Once found, this will immediately reduce the Spook Meter by 1 Ghost.  Or if no ghosts, it will remove all the Skeletons on the Spook Meter.

These cannot be collected; they are used as soon as they are found.

The Dog Stone

The Dog Stone will provide the player protection from the Black Cat for a certain amount of uses.

Once found, The Dog Stone is displayed on the Items area along with the number of uses before it is gone.

The Ogre Lamp

A cool item in the game is the legendary Ogre Lamp. (The Ogre sent the Genie packing with his nasty breath.)

Once found it will be displayed in the player’s Item area.

The player can “rub” the lamp by clicking or tapping on it.

Rubbing the lamp will summon the Ogre inside it and he’ll come out.

He will then proceed to grant himself a wish… a wish that will affect the player’s  game.

This wish may be something very nice… or it could be something very nasty. It all depends on the Ogre’s mood.

65% of the time he’ll be happy to help.

The other 35% of the time,  the player will probably be disturbing his nap and he’ll be very angry!

Whichever mood he is in, he will present the player with a choice of two wishes that will happen in the game.

The player must then choose the one they want to have happen.

Some Good things that could happen are instant bonus points, finding the exact location of pumpkin, making Zans more talkative and more accurate.

Bad things include getting spooked, losing points, and possibly silencing Zansabar for the rest of a house!

A very risky item to use, but the player is not forced to use it.

If the risk is too great, then just tuck the lamp away and LOOT& LEAVE the game with it for a decent bonus.

There are “Safe” Ogre Lamps available to the player in Glory Mode games.  See the Treat Bag for details.

The Magic Flashlight

Click on this to bring up the Magic Flashlight screen.  The player will then click on a square and the board will show indented squares that will illuminate once the Flashlight Use button is pressed.  This is a 3×3 grid of items that will be “flashlit”.  The squares will show their content and the player can then decide if it is something they want to click on.

The player can use it to search for the pumpkin or show the ghostly areas to avoid.

It can be used at any time and any house… including that final escape.

The “flashlit” area will remain exposed for the duration of the house, so no need to memorize anything.  Also, these “flashlit” areas are immune to Ghost Sabotage!

Each Flashlight has 1 charge. So if found, use it wisely.

Magic Flashlights can be found several times during the game and can be collected.  They can also be bought with Glory Points and used from the Treat Bag.

The Pumpkin Compass

It will display a direction that tells where the Golden Pumpkin is at from the player’s last search point.  It can only be used in the house that it is found.

Magic Mirror

The Mirror has the power to create an exact duplicate of items displayed from within. The multiplier for the house is increased for each one found.  Only works for the house it is found in.

The Pages of Zansabar’s  Log

The wizard is always losing these pages from his various books.  Find these for BIG POINTS!

Vito, The Ghost Chef

Another very strange ghost walks the deserted village. That ghost is said to be that of the Mess chef on board Capt. Warsaw’s ship. He appears only to be a lost soul in the village that too wishes the Ghost of Warsaw to go away.

Zansabar has said that he felt Vito’s ghost should be helpful. What he’ll do exactly can’t be said.

If the player finds Vito,  the Ghost Chef will lend a hand of some sort.

This will be a random act… cannot state exactly what he will do.

The Bomb

Once the player attains a sufficient Pumpkin Points Rank, each house will then have a Bomb located within it.   The player can find the Bomb by searching the house like any other item.  Once found, it will be stored in the Items area.  If the player successfully escapes the house THE FIRST ATTEMPT after finding the Gold Pumpkin, then the Bomb will be dropped on the house and it will explode!  All the remaining point items in the house will then be added to the player’s score (with any multipliers applied)!

However, the Bomb will be lost if the player encounters a Ghost on the first attempt to escape the house. (Might be the perfect time for a Flashlight!)

Glory Mode and Guts Mode Games

Guts Mode

Guts mode games are what each player starts out playing.  The Guts Mode means there is no Treat Bag available and Treat Bag Upgrades are not in effect.  The Guts mode is meant to be the CHALLENGE to the player to complete the game with no outside purchased help.  The Guts Mode Games have their own Leader Board for tracking games played in Guts Mode without any special advantages.

Glory Mode

Players can purchase Glory Mode from the App Store as an In-App purchase to allow Glory Mode Games to be played.  Glory mode allows the players to have a Treat Bag to purchase power up items for use during a Glory Mode Game.  Treat Bag items are purchased using Glory Points that the player obtains from game play or through In-App purchases from the store.

Glory Mode will allow the player to purchase upgrades to their power-up items using Glory Points.  The Ogre Happiness, Flashlight, and Backpack are all upgradable items for use during Glory Mode Games.

Glory Mode also allows the player to  Continue the Game if the player is Spooked Out.  During a Glory Mode game, the player will be given a choice to continue the Game upon Spook Out if they spent a certain amount of Glory Points.

And, Glory Mode games will also allow the player to get more buy more searches (using Glory Points)  in a house if they run out during normal game play.  This would prevent the Ghost from “Tricking” the House.

Glory Points

This is the currency for your Glory Mode games and for your Treat Bag.  They are earned during the game after game completion or can be bought via In-App purchases.

Treat Bag

The Treat Bag holds the power ups you can carry with you into any Glory Mode game.  The Treat Bag is accessible in the Glory Point symbol above the player Items field.  Items can only be purchased when outside of Game Play.

Some items are only available after attaining a certain Pumpkin Point Rank.

Items in the Treat Bag are:

  • Flashlight
  • Knight’s Shield
  • Backpack
  • Safe Ogre Lamp
  • Bomb Detector

Safe Ogre Lamp

This item used immediately when pulled from your Treat Bag.  It is an Ogre Lamp that is guaranteed to always have a Happy Ogre come out and grant you wonderful wishes!  You must buy these prior to entering a Glory Mode game.

Bomb Detector

This item can only be bought in Glory Mode and used from the Treat Bag in Glory Mode Games.  It is used instantly upon accessing from the Treat Bag.  It will light up the area that the Bomb is located in the house.  The Player will still need to search the area to receive the Bomb.  Remember, in order to Use the Bomb in the house, you MUST ESCAPE SAFELY on the FIRST TRY!


Original Game Design

The late, great, Robert L. Davenport (the father of the practice of Pumpkin Hunting!)
Ron Davenport
Terry Hauss II

Enhanced Game Design

Sarah D. Justice

Art Direction & Graphic Design

Sarah D. Justice

Sound Effects and Mastering

Ron Davenport

Voice Art

Ron Davenport

Licensed Musical Scores that appear in the game

The Pumpkin Party by LennyB

Spooky Halloween by stardiva

Halloween Mood by Z-Studio

Haunted Halloween Music Box by sonic-boom

Halloween Music Box by BlackSmithMusic

Halloween by AMZA

(all licensing is on file and can be produced upon request.  Please inquire with [email protected] for a copy)

Copyright 2017, Justice Creative, LLC

Published by Justice Creative, LLC

[email protected]