Privacy Policy –

JUSTICE CREATIVE, LLC (“JCLLC” or “We”) respects the privacy of your personal information and is committed to protecting it and using it solely for the purpose for which it was collected.

The objective of this privacy policy (the “Policy”) is to inform you of our privacy practices.

We wish to provide you with information on why and how we collect your personal information and on how it is kept and used.

Scope and application

This Policy applies to all personal information, location information and electronic information collected by JCLLC via our mobile applications (collectively the “Application”) or through our website, at (the “Website”) (the Application and the Website collectively referred to as the “Service”) and also through communications you may have with JCLLC by email or otherwise. This Policy is subject to the relevant Florida and United States legislation, as well as all other applicable legislation and regulations.

The use of our Service might require registration through a Facebook and/or Twitter account, so your use of these platforms is subject to their own privacy policies.

This Policy does not apply to the collection, use, and retention of your personal information on any of these platforms.

We invite you to read carefully these platforms’ policies pertaining to privacy.

Your personal information: what we collect and why we collect it

We collect certain types of personal information and establish a file concerning the users of the Service (individually a “User”, and collectively the “Users”) or any other person communicating with us.

When you register for the Service or accept to receive marketing and advertising material through email or other communication tools, JCLLC will ask you to provide an email address and a username (called “Hunter Name”); you may also create a user profile and have the option to provide your name, mailing address, age group, preferred language, and any other information (collectively the “Personal Information”).

The Personal Information is collected and used notably for the following reasons:

  • to provide the Service and to enable you to use the Service;
  • to provide a competitive Service experience with Leader Boards.
  • to operate the Service and to improve and customize your experience with the Service;
  • to provide you with support and handle requests and complaints;
  • to send you updates, notices, announcements, and additional information related to the Services;
  • to send you marketing and advertising material through email or other communication tools, subject to your prior indication of consent;
  • to share your submissions with other Users of the Service and to facilitate communication between you, JCLLC and other Users;
  • to enforce the End-User License Agreement concluded between you and JCLLC ;
  • to contact you when JCLLC believes it necessary;
  • to comply with any applicable law and assist law enforcement agencies under any applicable law, when JCLLC has a good faith belief that JCLLC ’s  cooperation with the law enforcement agencies is legally mandated or meets the applicable legal standards;
  • to prevent fraud, misappropriation, infringements, identity theft and other illegal activities and misuse of the Service;
  • to handle breakdowns and malfunctions;
  • to take any action in any case of dispute, or legal proceeding of any kind between you and the Service, or between you and other Users or third parties with respect to, or in relation to the Service; and for purposes provided under this Policy and the End-User License Agreement.
  • For other purposes that may not be specifically outlined in this Policy and End-User License Agreement.

Personal Information we collect is used solely for the purpose for which it was collected. Your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of information for secondary marketing purposes (e.g. mailing or emailing of promotional offers, subscription to a newsletter) or for other purposes is not required for you to become a User of the Service.

JCLLC may occasionally send out communications regarding its Service to Users by email or otherwise. You are offered the possibility to cancel your subscription to such communications each time a communication is sent out.

Information that you share

The Service is based on Users’ locations and submissions that may include certain personal information. You should be aware that the content you submit is not private or confidential and you should not have any expectation of privacy with respect to it.

You must exercise caution and common sense when submitting information that may personally identify you or others.

Location information

If you enable location services in the Application, JCLLC collects location data from your device, including latitude and longitude, speed and heading (collectively the “Location Information”).

The Location Information is collected and used to provide content relevant to your location and to allow you to submit and post information and content available for other Users.

JCLLC will link the Location Information thus obtained with your Personal Information on submissions where warranted to collect information about items found during activities necessary for Application purpose.

JCLLC may use your Location Information to create aggregated anonymous data and to use such data in accordance with this Policy.

However, JCLLC will make commercially reasonable efforts to permanently remove or obscure your identity from your Location Information that is used for aggregated purposes.  The Location Information shared will be very general and limited to the City level of scope.

Electronic information

We may sometimes collect information that is not of a personal nature when you visit our Website or access our Service through the Application, such as the type of device or Internet browser you are using, the type of operating system you are using, your device unique ID, your IP address and the domain name from which you were linked to our Website (collectively the “Electronic Information”). Furthermore, when you visit our Website, we may insert a data file on your computer or device, such as a cookie or other file of a similar nature. Cookies allow us to keep information about the use you make of the Service, including the date of your most recent visit, the pages you viewed and files you downloaded.

JCLLC does not link the Electronic Information thus obtained with your Personal Information.

Most Internet browsers allow you to erase cookies from your computer’s hard drive, to block them or to receive a warning before they are downloaded. Please refer to your browser’s instructions to find out more about these functions. If you refuse cookies or refuse to allow permission to save application specific files, you may experience problems in accessing the Service or even be prevented to use the Service.

How your Personal Information is stored and communicated

JCLLC keeps Personal Information for a period of time it deems reasonable either to fulfill identified purposes or in accordance with the law, whichever time frame is longer. We establish retention criteria based on the type of information collected.

Once the identified purposes have been reached and your Personal Information is no longer required or if you request that such information be deleted, we ensure it remains anonymous or destroys it in a way which ensures protection against unauthorized access or communication.

We never disclose your Personal Information to any third parties without your consent, except to

  • our goods or services providers and promotional partners, whether they be organizations or individuals, whose services have been retained to carry out duties on our behalf (e.g. organization and management of services offered by JCLLC , data processing and analysis, file management, marketing etc.). JCLLC takes the necessary measures to ensure that these third party goods or services providers process your Personal Information for the sole purpose identified by JCLLC and that they protect this Personal Information to the same extent that JCLLC protects the Personal Information in its possession;
  • any entity resulting from a merger or change in control of JCLLC , in whole or in part, only if the parties have signed an agreement stipulating that the collection, use and disclosure of information is limited to the objectives of the commercial transaction;
  • any public authority if the law so requires.

Third parties information

Third parties’ email addresses or other personal information you provided when inviting them to visit the Website or use the Application or when sending them a page from our Website, as the case may be, are not collected or kept by JCLLC, unless these individuals have themselves provided their personal information and become a User of the Service. Third-party may withdraw your consent at any time..

Personal information regarding children

The information contained on our Website and/or the Application is not destined to children (users under 13 years of age).

JCLLC does not knowingly collect any Personal Information regarding children.

The Application is provided to adults and JCLLC expressly denies any responsibility in regards to the use of the Application by children.


All data is stored on servers with reasonable safeguards, protected as best as can be against misuse and access by unauthorized individuals.

In conformity with this Policy, JCLLC also protects Personal Information disclosed to third parties in order to maintain the information’s privacy and to respect the purpose for which it was collected.

This information is only made available to individuals (employees or agents) who require access to such information to carry out their responsibilities.

Your Personal Information is kept and stored on our behalf in Texas, USA by our hosting company,

It is possible that we change our hosting company, without prior notice, or that some of your Personal Information be transferred outside of Texas at any time.


JCLLC may permit, solicit or contract certain other companies to conduct advertising campaigns on the Service. The advertisements that you see when accessing the Service are redirected from the servers of those advertising companies and may be geographically or contextually targeted. Some advertisers may use cookies on your computer. The cookies enable them to collect information about sections and features that you have accessed, advertisements posted on those sites and the advertisements that you have viewed.

In this manner advertisers try to customize advertisements to your preferences and for their own business purposes. The advertisers’ use of cookies is subject to their own privacy policies and not to this Policy.

You are encouraged to read carefully the advertisers’ policies.

External hyperlinks posted on our Website

Our Website may include hyperlinks to websites which are independent from ours.

By clicking on such hyperlinks, you leave our Website.

JCLLC does not exercise any control on the operation of these websites and the fact that they are listed on our Website does not incur JCLLC ’s liability in any manner. Any Personal Information you submit through these websites is subject to such websites’ privacy policies.

Changes to the privacy policy

JCLLC may modify this Policy once in a while, without any notice.

Please consult it from time to time.

Understanding the Policy

JCLLC will not be held responsible for any users’ lack of understanding of the American English language on this Service.  To consume the Service, the user must be able to understand and read the American English (EN-US) language as this is the language the Privacy Policy is written in.

If the user cannot understand the Privacy Policy, then then should not install the Application or use the Website or the Service.


Should you have any questions regarding our Policy, the protection of Personal Information, access to Personal Information, or concerning the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information, how to file a complaint, or if you wish to withdraw your name from one or several of our mailing lists or update your Personal Information, please contact us through [email protected]

Last update: September 1, 2017