Many individuals adore vintage items. There are many retailers that sell vintage signs, vintage clothing, and vintage home décor. For the vintage item lover, Halloween can become a time of frustration because vintage Halloween decorations can be hard to find. If you do not know where to look, finding Halloween decorations that are considered vintage can be as hard as trying to find a needle in a haystack. With a little research and a few helpful tips, you can make your Halloween as vintage as the rest of your life.

Vintage Halloween decorations are typically modeled after the Victorian age, the golden age of vampires and damsels in distress. Some decorations mimic the look of a Victorian era graveyard with decorative scrolls and sad faced angels, while others look as if they belong at a party in a palace. These items can cost a great deal depending on whether it is an original or a replica, and depending on the material that it is made out of. Whichever types of decorations you choose, they are sure to awe and inspire your guest with a view of a simpler time.

Where To Find Vintage Halloween Decorations

Many stores that sell vintage home décor will also have vintage Halloween decorations for purchase when the holiday draws near. These stores will typically have a designated area where they place all of their holiday decorations or they may have a reserved area within the vintage décor section to place decorations for the holidays. These vintage Halloween decorations will generally be plastic replicas of vintage items and will cost about the same as any other type of Halloween decorations. Although the selection may not be very large, buying from a retail store ensures that the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing and the stores will have a return policy for any items that may be defective.

Some online retailers that specialize in vintage décor will also have a section designated to holiday décor. Because Halloween is so widely celebrated, there is always a market for good vintage Halloween decorations. These decorations will cost about the same amount as if you would have brought the items from a physical store, but the items will have to be shipped to your home, which costs extra. For many of the items, the shipping costs will be minimal because many items of Halloween décor do no weigh a great deal. If shipping a large item, the shipping cost may be as much as half of the purchase price of the item. Some online retailers offer free shipping of their products, but what the neglect to mention is that they have included the cost of shipping the item within the prices of the vintage Halloween decorations, so the deal is not as good as it seems to be.