Halloween is a time when kids get dressed up in costumes both bought and homemade and go from door to door in their own neighborhoods and sometimes in other neighborhoods, knocking on doors and shouting the age-old threat, “Trick or Treat!” It’s a fun evening. It’s an evening that both kids and adults enjoy.

But nothing can ruin the fun faster than an accident or a life-altering event. Here are some tips to help parents make sure that their kids are safe while they are trick or treating on Halloween:

1. Be sure that you know what route your children will take if they are old enough to go trick or treating without adult supervision.

2. It is always safer to have a responsible adult supervising trick or treating. If you can’t go, ask another parent to go along.

3. It’s important to know what kind of activities are planned if your child is attending a Halloween party.

4. Set a specific time for your children to be home when they are trick or treating.

5. The “trick” part of the Halloween threat should be explained to children so that they know the difference between a harmless prank and vandalism.

6. Educate your children about animal cruelty. There is nothing funny about torturing animals, and children need to understand what constitutes animal cruelty.

7. Kids need to wear reflective clothing. Halloween costumes are often black or other dark colors and cannot be seen easily at night. You can buy reflective stickers to put on your child’s costume that will make him more visible to motorists.

8. Be certain that your child’s Halloween costume doesn’t interfere with his vision or his hearing. It’s safer to use makeup than it is to use masks.

A safe Halloween is a happy Halloween!