Halloween has some very, very distinct symbols. For example, when you see a silhouette of a black cat with his back arched and his ears laid back, what comes to mind? Why, Halloween, of course!

Have you ever wondered how certain things became so closely associated with the Halloween holiday? Here are a few:

Witches: It’s is believed by many that witches cast spells (both good and bad) and can tell fortunes. Most people picture witches as ugly crones with green skin, a big ugly wart on the nose, and wearing a pointy hat and black robes! Witches are scary. Scary and Halloween go together!

Broomsticks: Witches are often pictured riding broomsticks. A witch on a broomstick silhouetted against a full moon is one of the most common of Halloween images. Of course, like always, there is a more reasonable explanation ó not as much fun, but more reasonable. It’s said that witches perform dances where they jump over broomsticks ó not ride them.

Bats: Bats are a well excepted symbol of Halloween, and no self-respecting Halloween party would be caught without them (albeit bats made of construction paper rather than the real living creatures). The symbol probably started in ancient Celtic civilization, when large bonfires were built. The bonfires attracted mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes attracted large numbers of bats.

Owls: Those same bonfires that the Celtics built to celebrate what we call Halloween attracted mosquitoes. The bats and the owls showed up to feast on the large number of mosquitoes that were available.

Black cats: Somehow and for some unknown reason, cats of all colors have been associated with various religions through time. At some point during the Middle Ages, somebody decided that black cats were evil. They brought “bad” luck. Black cats were even hunted down and killed.