Halloween is one of the most favorite holidays for kids, second only to Christmas for most children. The fun of the season is to dress up like someone you are not and to collect a massive amount of free candy for your own private consumption. Many parents choose to add to the fun of Halloween by hosting a Halloween party for their children and their friends. Finding Halloween party games for kids that will keep them entertained may be the hardest part of planning a Halloween party for children, so here are some basic and inexpensive ideas that can be used to create a fun and entertaining environment for both the children and the adults.

Bobbing For Apples

Having the children bob for apples is one of the classic Halloween party games for kids. The only items you will need are a large vessel for holding water and a bag of apples from your neighborhood grocery store. If having a large party with many children, a toddler’s plastic wading pool makes an excellent vessel to hold the water and is large enough for several children to make the attempt at once. The vessel should be filled to a depth of 8 to 12 inches to allow the apples to float free. Once the apples are dumped into the water, the children, grouped in sets of two or three, will kneel down and try to remove the apple from the vessel of water using only their teeth. This game, like most Halloween party games for kids, is best conducted outdoors so that the living room is not filled with water from the squealing kids going after their apples. The child that extracts their apple the fastest should be the one that gets the prize.

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Another one of the classic Halloween party games for kids is the Halloween scavenger hunt. This game is great for children aged seven and up and will keep the kids entertained for an extended period of time. The items to be found should include some easy to find items as well as some items that are very difficult to find. The kids should be split up into teams and given identical lists of items to search for. It is even more fun if the items all have a Halloween theme. If you need some assistance with choosing which items to include on the list, there are many websites that have printable scavenger hunt lists that you can use. The first team back with all of their items or the team that collects the most items within a designated time period are the winners of the game.

There are many websites with Halloween party games for kids on the internet, if you are looking for more ideas. These sites will have game ideas, instructions, and even printable forms to help you throw the best Halloween party that the kids have ever seen. Choosing the right Halloween party games for kids can make the party and the holiday even more enjoyable.