Creating a costume for Halloween is one of the most fun parts of the season. There are many popular costumes that people tend to gravitate to, and one of the most popular is the Halloween zombies. Tales of zombies have been terrifying people for generations and the costumes are some of the easiest to create and wear. Creating the perfect Halloween zombies will take time and energy, but the end result will be something to die for.

Commercial Halloween Zombies

Many retailers sell zombie costumes by the thousands during the Halloween season. The costumes may be designed specifically for men or women, with a select few being unisex. Commercial costumes for Halloween zombies typically include a pair of pants that have been ripped or are designed to look like they have been ripped and a shirt that looks like it has been smeared with dirt or blood. Facial makeup is often optional and must be purchased separately. The price of the costume is typically between $25 and $55 dollars from a national retail store, with another $5 added for facial makeup.

Homegrown Halloween Zombies

Individuals that want to be creative or save money can create their own Halloween zombies in the comfort of their own homes. The first items you will need are a pair of old pants and an old t-shirt that you do not intend on wearing anymore. If you do not have items in your closet that you are willing to sacrifice, then you may want to look at your local Salvation Army store or another resale shop for donated items. These items will cost a fraction of the price that purchasing something that is brand new would be and the money that you spend will be going towards a good cause.

Once you obtain your sacrificial items to create your Halloween zombies, it is time to get creative. You can use household items or paint to create the dirty, tattered effect common to all zombies. A dark red lipstick smeared on your fingers and applied to the clothing creates a convincingly real look of blood smears, while toothpaste smeared on jeans creates a dusty, crusted look. After decorating the outfits for your Halloween zombies, make several small cuts in the material of the costumes and slowly rip the fabric with your hands to create small tears.

Facial makeup can be accomplished by borrowing some foundation from a fairer-skinned friend. Using a foundation intended for a much lighter skin tone effectively creates the skin paleness common to many Halloween zombies. Dark circles around the eyes can be accomplished with dark brown, gray, or black eyeshadow and facial bruises can be created from smears of dark lipstick or more eyeshadow. Creating Halloween zombies this way saves individuals a lot of money and makes their costumes unique.