Of course you could always go out and buy the kids Halloween makeup that you need, but why not make it right at home? This way not only will you be saving yourself a few bucks which is something that all parents can really appreciate, but as well you are going to be able to make it exactly how you want it to look.

If you are a parent who loves to go all out for the Halloween holiday and get your kid looking spooky and scary, here are a few recipes that you are definitely going to want to try for kids Halloween makeup.

Fake Blood

If you want a Halloween makeup tip for doing fake blood, it is that there is no better fake blood than the stuff you make right at home. It is very easy to make this type of kids Halloween makeup, and it is a simple, quick process as well.

For fake blood all you need is some white corn syrup and food coloring in red, blue and yellow, and peanut butter. Now you just add the red food coloring to the amount of syrup that you decide to use, and you may have to play around with this a bit to find out the amount that is going to work best.

Now you can add in some blue or yellow food coloring if you want to change the color a bit. Remember that you want blood to be a dark red, but you can also make it greener and have it look like goo.

Scars and Warts

Now if you want to make scars or warts for kids Halloween makeup, these are very easy to do as well. For the scars, you want to basically base them around t he color of the person`s skin. Now the easiest way to do this kids Halloween makeup is to dip a green, pink or white tissue into corn syrup and shape it into a scar. You want to press and hold until it sticks and then let it dry.

For warts you can use white or black peppercorns, but make sure that you do not use glue that is going to keep them stuck to your face. Instead you want to just dip them into corn syrup and then place them where wanted on the face. This way they will be stuck on good but will be very easy to get off after the night`s end.