Halloween is a time for dressing up, for putting on a costume and playing the part of something else for a night. Even if your costume is homemade, Halloween masks can really go a long way to giving your costume an authentic look that’s scary or even funny, depending on the mask you get. However, Halloween masks that fit badly can detract from a costume, and white they look great, Halloween masks can also pose some safety issues. Let’s discuss some tips for safe wearing of Halloween masks that will keep you looking your best.

Making Your Mask Fit

Because Halloween masks are often a little on the pricey side to make, many manufacturers make them large so that they fit a wide range of people. However, if your head is small enough that it makes the mask sit too loosely on your head, the effect can be spoiled. In this case, using a little spirit gum to attach small pieces of foam rubber on the inside will help you keep the mask in the proper shape while on your head. The foam rubber will add body to the mask and keep it from looking too squished.

In addition to the problem of overly large masks, many Halloween masks have a slit down the back, creating two flaps that can be pulled apart to make the mask go on and off easier. While this is convenient, those flaps can also make the mask sit badly on your head. Get some stick-on Velcro dots at your local fabric store and stick them to your mask’s flaps, and use them to hold the flap closed while wearing it.

Mask Safety

While Halloween masks do add to a costume, they’re more appropriate in adult costumes and for those who aren’t trick-or-treating. Because the eyeholes can sometimes restrict your range of sight, keep your children safe on Halloween by leaving the masks at home and sending them out with face paint to decorate their faces instead. The extra visibility can make a big difference while going door-to-door for candy.

Storing Masks

If you look at Halloween masks in a costume store, you’ll probably find that they’re being stored on some sort of wig stand, which keeps the shape of a human head. Take a cue from these stores and store your Halloween masks in the same way. By doing so, you’ll ensure that the mask holds its shape and still looks good when it’s time to use it. With a little care, you’ll be able to reuse your Halloween masks year after year, if desired.