Small children all around the world look forward to an evening at the end of October called Halloween. This is a time when they can choose a fantasy costume and dress up as they go about to collect candy and other treats. The popular costumes include pirates, witches and ghosts. Some of these costumes have been popular for many years. A Halloween fairy costume is one that has been popular for many years along with the pirates, witches and ghosts. Some of the Halloween fairy costumes are based on fairies from popular stories and movies.

Tinkerbell is one of the most popular fairies from the stories that children love to hear and read. This character is from the tale of Peter Pan and his adventures with children. Tinkerbell has the ability to flit about wherever she would like to go. Many children find these abilities most appealing. Once they put on a Halloween fairy costume that resembles the one worn by this charming fairy, many children feel that they are flying around like Tinkerbell. One of these costumes usually has some great wings like this fairy that will carry the one in the costume to great heights. Tinkerbell usually wears green so these Halloween fairy costumes are often made in some glorious green material.

Halloween Fairy Costumes Come From Popular Stories

Tinkerbell is an all time favorite, but there are other popular fairies who have inspired Halloween fairy costumes. Some of the Halloween fairy costumes are very simple. A good fairy usually just needs some wings and some kind of a wand. Toddlers often wear a normal leotard with attached wings. Usually the wings and the wands are adorned with some shiny glitter.

Most of the other Halloween fairy costumes also have beautiful wings and a wand. Some of the wings can be more elaborate and made from feathers that resemble the real thing. None of the wands are guaranteed to work, but these usually have plenty of shiny objects like glitter or sequins for the best effects. Most of the Halloween fairy costumes are in soft pastel colors including pinks, blues and yellows. Some of these fairy costumes have long flowing skirts of beautiful material, but other fairy costumes have shorts or short skirts. Satins and organza are often the favorite materials for a great fairy costume. These glorious materials seem to float as the young fairy moves about to collect some great treats.