Pumpkin Hunt IRL 2018 is in the books!  It was the best year of Pumpkin Hunting in quite a few years.

Together, we found 6,749 jack-o-lanterns through out the month of October In Real Life, physically and in Twitter.

Pumpkin Hunt IRL (In Real Life)

The Twitter campaign we launched got a lot of photos and attracted some new followers.

We appreciate all that took the time post their fun jack-o-lanterns on Twitter, we enjoyed looking at them.

Our personal Pumpkin Hunt Count was 292.  That is amazing considering that North Florida waits until the day of Halloween to begin carving… with good reason, they don’t last long here.

No new records set, so the 2008 record of 8,491 will stand for another year.

Hopefully, we made some new friends throughout our busy October and followers that will continue to follow our adventures into 2019 when we try again.
We have to admit that we weren’t sure how this campaign would go using only Twitter to be our entry system along with our website.
But, it works pretty well when users of Twitter are posting pictures of jack-o-lanterns for us to find… and we just count them.
With this momentum behind our efforts, we will look to include the #pumpkinhunt in the other social media outlets as well for the next hunt.
The goal for the next hunt is as always, try to get that one more than the year before… 6,750 will be the goal and 8,492 will be the GRAND goal to set a new record in the 2019 Pumpkin Hunt.
Hope you’ll join us for the fun!

The top 3 hunters for 2018 are:




We also recognize the following hunters for there stellar contributions.