It is September 30, 2019, and this is the start of the Halloween Season and all things Halloween for the next 31 days!

PumpkinHunt 2019 is on!
Join the annual hunt as we set out to find and count the most carved Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns ever for our tally!

Remember the rules for the Pumpkin count submissions
1. They should be a Real Pumpkins!  (we will let the “Pumpkin-Funkins” slide-in again)
2. They should have carved with a face or a scene of Halloween!
3. Photograph it to show it off! (preferably with it lit up!)

Submit to the following locations –

Our website – Submit your count with your Hunter name (be consistent!), count and Photo.

Twitter method 1 – Tweet your photo and use #pumpkinhunt and then put in “count()” with the number in between the parathesis example count(14) would mean 14 pumpkins for the count.
Twitter method 2 – reply tweet to another pic of a jack-o-lantern you see and add #pumpkin and count(amount) on your reply.  Your Twitter name will get the credit.
Twitter method 3 – Tweet your photo and @pumpkinhunt so we can see it, and we’ll take it from there to get it in the count.

Instagram – Post your photo with an @pumpkinhunters tag (so we can see it) and will count it for you and credit your Instagram username with the find.

All counts go to our overall Halloween 2019 count and the Hunter Leader Board.

Why are we doing this?
We do this because it is fun and we LOVE to see those remarkable Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern carvings!
And we want to set a new record of most pumpkins counted in a single season!

What is the record? 
8,491 pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns from the Halloween 2008 season.  It is over ten years old, so it is time for a NEW record!

Join us on Facebook for Live Updates and reviews of the game high-scores and pumpkin hunt progress starting tonight.

Also, we will be going live on the MindTip Twitch channel for live Pumpkin Hunt Games where users can use the chat window to play along.  Join in the fun if you have a moment.

Is everyone ready?  We are set to go for a great time over the next 31 days.  Get out your carving tools and let’s get to work.
Happy Hunting and let’s have a fun Halloween Season!