Waking up is tough!
But for this season, it should be easier.

Just when you thought your favorite game and Pumpkin past time was buried and never to be heard from again…
The Alarm rings and beckons us to rise, Rise, RISE!

Bury our favorite game and past time?


Halloween is what we are about!
You can bury us, but if we AREN’T DEAD, we will RISE AGAIN!
And just in time, too.

When the warm summer breeze has just an EDGE of chill to it –
When the pool is just a little too cool to jump in –
When the evenings are just a touch darker
You know that FALL is coming and Halloween season is NEAR!

It is Mid-September, and we could all use a change.
That change is the phenomenon known as the Halloween time of year!

Time to dust off the costumes, carving tools, and party attire!
Time to make plans for who you are going to be and get ready for Pumpkin Spice on everything from now until November.
(Sorry, Sarah, we need to find you nutmeg-free pumpkin spice!)

Halloween 2019 is just around the corner for us all.
Let’s get ready to haunt -er, I mean HUNT (for jack-o-lanterns, OF COURSE!!)