Hi All!

This is FloridaBoy! Hope all are enjoying the season!

No live video of the State of the Hunt tonight, having some issues speaking, so instead of subjecting you all to a shaky cam video and my less-than adequate voice on it… I’ll just post the update.

Have a great night!

Currently at 5,332 jack-o-lanterns on the count.

New counts from the following were added –

ThePumpkinGeek 1
funnygirlfarm 1
ScoilIde 3


As for the Top Ten List on the Game for 10/24/2018

Rank Hunter Score Pumpkins Results
1st Hunter9038 2,949,223 37 Spooked Out
2nd HunterF82 547,252 20 Spooked Out
3rd Hunter9038 282,138 16 Spooked Out
4th Hunter9038 268,222 16 Spooked Out
5th Hunter9038 268,188 16 Spooked Out
6th Hunter1D2 179,898 19 Spooked Out
7th Jen0o0o0o0o 179,510 10 Spooked Out
8th chippy 173,051 11 Spooked Out
9th Hunter9038 132,260 11 Spooked Out
10th HunterF82 101,537 23 Spooked Out