Hi All!

This is FloridaBoy! Hope all are enjoying the season!

No live video of the State of the Hunt tonight, having some issues speaking, so instead of subjecting you all to a shaky cam video and my less-than adequate voice on it… I’ll just post the update.

Have a great night!

Currently at 5,332 jack-o-lanterns on the count.

New counts from the following were added –



As for the Top Ten List on the Game for 10/24/2018

1stHunter90382,949,22337Spooked Out
2ndHunterF82547,25220Spooked Out
3rdHunter9038282,13816Spooked Out
4thHunter9038268,22216Spooked Out
5thHunter9038268,18816Spooked Out
6thHunter1D2179,89819Spooked Out
7thJen0o0o0o0o179,51010Spooked Out
8thchippy173,05111Spooked Out
9thHunter9038132,26011Spooked Out
10thHunterF82101,53723Spooked Out