PumpkinHunt 1.12 released, more points, more fun, fewer ads, and better Halloween!

We are excited to announce the PumpkinHunt Game app is updated to version 1.12 for the 2019 season.
In this version, we have removed all external ads from Google and provided a stable, consistent game scoring system that is no longer dependent on the Pumpkin Points Rank.  The Ranks are still there and still pretty cool, but they are now achievements only.

We felt the advertisements were too distracting to the gameplay experience, and honestly, I got tired of coding and testing them in the development.  Ads have no place in the immersive game experience and they don’t bring in any money at all.  So, I’ve applied a permanent Magic Shield to the game, protecting YOU from the evil ADS that pop up here and there.  This change also means the reward ads are gone too for Glory Points, but we have lower the threshold to earn Glory Points now.

The Multiplier on the Game Points wasn’t a great idea as it only benefited early adopters and new players couldn’t compete.  This issue has is fixed, and there is only one score path now… and it is designed to let any user post the best scores the game has ever seen!  In testing, it was reasonably consistent to finish the game with 10 million points, if you could get that far.  So, may the player with the best game in the season win!

Another addition, the Next House screen now shows the current Top Scores for the Day and the Season.  If you poke the three dots circle next to the Top Scores, you’ll see the Top 3 scores for the Season and the Day and see if your current game score will beat any of them.  It should help keep you know if you have enough point to Loot and Leave or Press on with the Next House.

As always, if you see an issue or need to report something, we will respond via email [email protected] and try to correct any problems with your game account.  Be sure to mention your Hunter Name in any communications to us.  Also, find us on Twitter (for the Pumpkin Hunt IRL campaign) @pumpkinhunt and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PumpkinHunters/


You should be able to find the updated release of 1.12 in your favorite device app store today.

As always, thank you for being part of PumpkinHunt and joining us for another Halloween season.

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