No live State of the Hunt tonight, we’d rather write about it and have the post go all over social media.

We had over 200 jack-o-lanterns found today across the Twitter-verse!  And we went to get our aura and spiritual energy aligned visiting the good folks at the Spiritual Uplift shop in Orange City, FL!

So, the count is at 5,639 on our Annual Halloween Pumpkin Hunt! A few more days to go and lot more still to find.

Remember, TWEET any jack-o-lanterns you find with the #pumpkinhunt and then count(how many) and it will be added to our count and you’ll be in the leader board!

Also, here is the Top Ten Scores on Pumpkin Hunt – The Game for 10/27/2018

Congrats to Scary Mary for taking the top score at over 4 million points

1stScary Mary         4,212,34434
2ndchippy             893,73022
3rdLindy             830,28618
4thLindy             534,66515
5thHunterF0B1             455,37630
6thHunter9038             290,49417
7thHunter9038             283,16713
8thStudfinder             213,77414
9thHunter9038             101,65210
10thHunterF82               59,7549