How would you describe Halloween? As a symbolic observance and feast day of the dead in ancient Ireland, Scotland and Britain, as a scary “day of the dead” among modern Celtic Druids, or as a fun evening of carved jack-o-lanterns and tricks or treats? Most countries celebrate Halloween as a fun evening of “pretend” harmless spookiness that brings pleasure to many children throughout the word. Usually, about a week before October 31st, many children enjoy sending Halloween cards to their friends. Sending cards, whether at home or during school, can bring many smiles from children as it prolongs the evening of trick or treating.

Half The Fun Is The Selecting

If you and your children have never shopped for Halloween cards, you’re in for a treat, not a trick! First, visit your local stationary store; you’ll find rack upon rack of funny and scary Halloween cards. Decorated with jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, witches and goblins, these are cards that children love to receive in the mail in or school. Halloween cards are not similar to Valentine cards; those “romantic cards” symbolize affection, while Halloween cards are pure fun. You can find a large variety of Halloween cards in your stationary store at a reasonable price. Children love to select their own cards; they have in mind just whom they would like these cards to be sent or delivered in school. In addition, children enjoy delivering Halloween cards to neighbors in hope that this will result a better “bounty” of candy on Halloween night.

An increasing number of households subscribe to a greeting card web site that specializes in holiday-oriented cards. Just by subscribing to these sites, you not only save money but also the need to go out to the stationary store to obtain Halloween cards. After you register on these greeting card sites, the site will remind you of what cards are due, and when. You can make Halloween cards a priority in your card-sending agenda so you won’t forget.

In addition to dressing in costumes and collecting candy from neighbors, children look forward to sending Halloween cards to their friends. While Samhain is still observed in countries of Celtic origins, in other countries like the US, Canada and Great Britain, Halloween is a remembrance of our ancestry within the pre-Christian Celts’ beliefs. Long before St Patrick converted the Irish to Catholicism, Samhain was the most powerful spiritual observance in the country. Why not continue the tradition with funny and scary Halloween cards?