Halloween arts and crafts are popular with children who wish to participate in this spooky occasion. There are numerous Halloween arts and crafts projects that are sure his with the kids. Depending in the age of the children who will be doing the Halloween arts and crafts, parental guidance or supervision may be necessary. Kids Halloween crafts are plentiful for this occasion so there won’t be a shortage of what to do.

Papier Mache

This method of making shapes and forms and making it hard by covering the shape with a mixture of glue and water is almost a basic in Halloween arts and crafts as well as other forms of arts and crafts. You can make a sturdy wood or wire frame before wrapping it up with newspapers or you can just use newspapers which are to be folded or crumpled. The stuff that will make this Halloween arts and crafts project work is the glue and water mixture which is used to coat tissue paper to make the papier mache hard and durable.

Print Outs

One of the easier kinds of Halloween arts and crafts is to print out a particular Halloween picture, color it if it is not colored and stick it to a flat cardboard sheet. You can make back to back pictures to hang from the ceiling. Choices for this kind of Halloween arts and crafts are usually faces of spooky creatures or fantasy creatures. Vampires, witches, ghouls and ghosts are just a few of the choices that one has for this Halloween arts and crafts project.


Jack o’ lanterns are among the icons of Halloween. These are also one of the more popular forms of Halloween arts and crafts in almost every community that celebrates this occasion. Orange pumpkins are the most chosen above other colors but the se of white pumpkins are starting to surface as well. Using real pumpkins are the practice for making these lanterns but there are now alternatives to carving real pumpkins. Some pumpkins are made from plastic which can be carved pretty much the same way that real pumpkins can be.

These pumpkins are carved into smiling, grinning, angry and faces. The choice of emotions to be carved unto the pumpkin is as varied as the carver’s imagination. Children who will do this Halloween arts and crafts project should be supervised since the need for a sharp knife is there.

Halloween arts and crafts are a great way to spend time with your children. Parents are encouraged to spend this time to build on your relationship with your child.