Halloween craft is actually quite easy for adults and also for children. Easy Halloween craft varies depending on what the home owner wants to decorate. Adults like to decorate with scary decorations and other props. There are easy Halloween craft that can be made into scary decorations for the home and the lawn.

Papier Mache

Halloween arts and crafts that are easy to make are usually made form papier mache. Papier mache is usually made from old newspapers made in to shapes or forms of anything. In the case of making easy Halloween crafts, papier mache can be made into bats, spiders, ghosts and other things for Halloween.

The way to do easy Halloween crafts is to first think of the basic shape of the creature or thing that you wish to make. Bats, ghosts and spiders have a basic rounded shape that can be formed by crumpling sheets of newspaper into a ball. Depending on the size of the spider or bat, you may crumple five sheets of newspaper. Ghost’s sizes are also dependent on the preferences of the maker. Once you have the basic circle, you can tape thin, folded wads of newspaper on the circle to make legs for your spider. If you want to make an easy Halloween craft bat, fold a sheet of newspaper until it is about twenty to twenty four inches long and tape it across the upper part of your basic circle shape papier mache. This will serve as the wings of the bat.

When all is done, you can cover the entire shape with tissue paper and then brush a thin layer of glue and water mixture over it. This mixture will penetrate the tissue paper and act as a strong coating or layer on which paint can be applied on. The glue and water mixture is one of you basic ingredients for an easy Halloween craft.


You must paint the creature you just made when it has thoroughly dried. Painting while it is still damp will not ensure that the paint will stick or that the glue and water mixture will hold. This easy Halloween craft works well for ghosts because once you basic ball is covered with glue drenched tissue paper, it turns white. All you have to do is to drape white cloth over it or just staple white cloth under the ball to simulate a ghost. You may draw a face on the papier mache ball or on the cloth draped over it.