So kids Halloween crafts are something that you are interested in doing. No matter what age your kids may be, you can find great homemade Halloween crafts and art ideas that they are going to love. Best of all they get to spend time with you and so you can all have fun hanging out during the holiday season.

Now if you are looking for a couple of ideas of the different things that you can do, kids Halloween crafts that they are really going to have fun with, here are a few ideas that you may want to try.


One of the best kids Halloween crafts that you should try is to make ghosts. These are very easy to make and only require a little bit of time which is really great. To make some baby ghosts you just need to get some white pipe cleaner, about 16 inches of fishing line, scissors, 3 cotton balls, 12-inch square piece of gauze, black permanent marker, and some marking tape.

Once you have gathered all of your materials, you just cut a 10-inch length of the fishing line and then you tie one end of it around the middle of the shoulder piece. The next step is for you to assemble the rest of the pieces as shown, and make sure that you thread the line through the center of the gauze and cluster the cotton balls around the line under the gauze.

Now to finish off you just tie the ghost’s neck with the remaining line and then trim off the ends. Now your ghosts are done and you can use them to decorate around the house and yard.

Craft Stick Mummy

This is another great craft to do with the kids. You just need some wire snips, wooden craft sticks, wooden craft spoons, glue dots, 1 square yard of muslin and some small googly eyes. Now you just use the wire snips and trim 2 craft sticks to 2 inches for the arms and two more for the legs. Glue together and put on the googly eyes for your mummy.

There are lots of other kids Halloween crafts that you may want to try out as well, and it’s all just a matter of getting the necessary supplies and getting everything going. The best idea is to get your kids Halloween crafts done a week or so before Halloween, that way your kids can leave them out for everyone to see.