A fairy theme is a great theme for Halloween. There are many different Halloween craft ideas that are appropriate or even great as decorations for a fairy theme. A Halloween craft idea for a fairy party will need some planning. The plans can be extensive or simple, depending on how much you are willing to spend for the party. Any kind of Halloween craft idea can help to ease the expenses.


Easy Halloween craft ideas can be seen in magazines and decorating books. These crafts usually use things that are easy to procure and the crafts are usually easy to make. Before anything else, there should be plans regarding how you intend to use them.

Fairies are usually seen as light creatures that twinkle and are dainty. Putting up light gossamer cloth that drop from the ceiling to the ground or even just a little more than halfway will create the illusion of a fairyland. You can add your Halloween craft idea to the see through cloth by using a glue gun to glue sparkling sequins or rhinestones unto it to help with the illusion. Wisps of organza ribbon can also be added to the floating cloth at the sides or the center to hang from the ceiling and downwards.

The color of the cloth, maybe thin chiffon or organza, should be several shades lighter or darker than the ribbons floating down. This Halloween craft idea can be repeated several times in the area for maximum effect. Flowers can also be the ones added to the gauzy cloth or organza for a more fairyland effect since fairies are supposed to live in flowers. The falling or floating ribbons can also be adorned with smaller rosettes or daisy like flowers for a garden effect. You might like to use silk flowers or paper flowers for this Halloween craft idea.

Other Halloween craft ideas for a fairy wonderland are decorating the walls with vines and then gluing flowers and leaves on these vines. The vines can be left to hang or be artistically secured on the wall with the glue gun or something stronger if the vines are heavy. This Halloween craft idea may be difficult for children to achieve if they need to put up the vines along the walls. Children can help decorate the vines before they are put up.

Other Halloween craft ideas for a fairy theme are to put up butterflies, either fabric or print outs stuck to cardboard, from the ceiling. The fabric butterflies can also be placed randomly on tables, chairs and centerpieces if there are any.