Populating a website with content is HARD!

That is why we are looking for other Halloween-loving business owners to help us out with some guest posting. If you have a Halloween product or service and would like to promote yourself, simply send us an email to [email protected] with all your particulars and information about what you would like to promote. If our pumpkin-shaped hearts align, you will be granted a contributor account and you may post your wares. All posts will be reviewed and approved prior to going live.

Do you just have some awesome Halloween-inspired crafts, foods, or well… anything that might be interesting to others that you want to blog about? Well, send us an email! Our original idea for this website was to make it a community filled with great content and would love for you to join.

Bylines and backlinks included of course.

Remember, Pumpkin Hunt is about fun, classic Halloween. Nothing adult, nothing gore 🙂