When it comes to Halloween, it tends to bring out the kid in most of us adults. After all, how often do we have an opportunity to play make believe and dress up as someone else for a day? With the options limitless, this holiday is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and offer up a ton of fun!

A popular type of costume for Halloween is a naughty one, as many women enjoy the small opportunity to present themselves more exotic or sexy than usual. However because most of the naughty Halloween costumes available for purchase nowadays are pretty expensive, especially considering the fact that you can more than likely put the costume together yourself.

Different Naughty Halloween Costumes You can Put Together Yourself

A first one that comes to mind is a maid outfit, which can be easily put together at home. By getting together a white apron (preferably a shorter, more revealing type) and a short frilly black dress, you can add black high heels, a feather duster and a maid’s hat to complete the look. Wearing bright red lipstick and fishnet stalking can even take this naughty Halloween costume to the next level.

Another popular naughty Halloween costume in this day and time is the bunny costume. You can choose to go the “playboy bunny” style, or the innocent bunny style as they’re both known to be a little naughty as Halloween costumes. Either way, a leotard with tights, a bunny tail and ears along with some drawn on whiskers will give you the basis for the costume.

Cat costumes can be put together just as easily as bunny costumes, but you can gear this one a little more toward the evil side. By using dark colors and some red dramatizing, implying that you just may be a little naughty.

Devil costumes are the naughtiest of Halloween costumes, well, because they’re naughty! But in order to make the look a little sexier than the normal version, try using dramatic make-up and wearing very high heels. A pointy tail that puts emphasis the back end won’t hurt either.

No matter the naughty Halloween costume, these can be put together pretty easily from home even if you have to buy the props separately. Because what makes up most of these costumes are common merchandise, it’s usually less expensive to by the stuff yourself and put the outfit together than to buy a Halloween costume kit.