Halloween is the time of year when eerie and spooky are the motifs for the night. Ghouls, pirates, fairies and ballerinas al walk the streets yelling trick or treat to homeowners who “ooh” and “ahh” over the beautiful children who pretend to be their favorite monster or character. Some of the costumes are store bought or rented while others are handmade by parents who get their ideas from scary Halloween pictures.

The Uses of Scary Halloween Pictures

Some homeowners often decorate their house with scary Halloween pictures to make the atmosphere more spooky and sinister. You can choose among many scary Halloween pictures which you can buy from stores or print from the internet. These pictures can make a party more fun and eerie.

Some people use the scary Halloween pictures to lead their guests somewhere or down the garden path. These pictures can have text typed or written on them for instructions. Others use the pictures or images to cover an entire wall to add to the mystique of the party. These can be of an eye or of an especially spooky looking house.

Others also use the scary Halloween pictures for invitations to their Halloween party. These make very creative invitations and they can be placed in purple or orange envelopes. These can be very versatile and the image in the invitation depends mainly on the motif of the Halloween party and the preference of the host.

Scary Halloween pictures can also be used to cover an entire table and serve as a tablecloth to avoid getting scolded by parents when somebody from your party spills something. You can always just gather up the wet pictures preferably printed on ordinary paper to act like a sponge or rag and throw them away.

Other Decorations

Other decorations to add to your scary Halloween pictures are balloons in the seasons’ colors of black, orange, purple and green. These can also be popped occasionally to scare the guests. Other decorating ideas will be to hang flimsy white sheets from the ceiling to make visibility less and the party more confusing.

More decorating ideas are for cardboard coffins with a person inside to just jump out suddenly and scare passersby. Other ideas for decorating are hanging spiders and bats (not real) from the ceiling. You can also leave random pieces of props like a skull with a candle on top to light up a dark spot. You can get interesting decorating ideas from some of the scary Halloween pictures available in the internet.