With the help of MrIceClass on Twitter and a verified photo of PILE of carved jack-o-lanterns, the 10 year old record of 8,491 jacks may be on the verge of being broken.

Our team has been able to mount a growing Pumpkin Hunt IRL (in real life) campaign on Twitter and our website, in which those posting jack-o-lantern pictures along with the #pumpkinhunt and count(amount) will be found and included in the annual count!

As of now (10/18/2018 1:44pm EDT), we have 5,075 jack-o-lanterns verified.

Please help us SPREAD THE WORD!  It is easier than ever to #jointhehunt for the most Real, Carved,  #jack-o-lantern s ever!

But, remember, they gotta be real, gotta be carved, and now… gotta be photographed to be included in our count!

Can we set a new record in 2018?  Let’s find out…

Pumpkin Hunt IRL (In Real Life)