We are all stars!

The Stars of Pumpkin Hunt 2019

The Hunting Season for Pumpkins and Halloween is over for 2019.

We set out to join other Halloween and Pumpkin Lovers across the world to gather as we always do to get that one more pumpkin than the year before and set a new record for most Pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns counted during the Halloween season.

I’m pleased to write that we did achieve a new record… our OWN record
Set with the rules of 2019 being vastly different than 2008…when the original high of 8,491 was set.

2018 and 2019, the rules were to have a photo of your carved jack-o-lanterns (or carved Funkins) or have a certified Pumpkin Hunter count them.  The hunter needed to see them on social media as a fresh post during the season or be there in person to count them.  Back in 2008, the rules allowed for painted pumpkins and other things that were not pumpkins.

In 2018, we had 6.749 jack-o-lanterns counted.

This year, we achieved 8,388 jack-o-lanterns!  Our new Pumpkin Hunt Record by the new standards! And way beyond that “one more jack-o-lantern” from the year before!  An amazing accomplishment for us!

A good portion of these jack-o-lanterns were found by our team visiting the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular in Louisville, KY (thank you again for the great show!).  But every single person that posted on Twitter, FB, or submitted through our website (thank you Rorzapan, CRWilson1985, and Scary Mary!) put in a pumpkin for us to add to the overall count. This means you are all part of the team and helped us set the record and show that the spirit of Jack and Halloween is still alive and well in this day and age!

The next Halloween season for the year 2020 will be upon us soon.  We will be ready to count and enjoy the awesome season of Halloween again.  We hope you will be as well.  Sept 30, 2020, be ready to Join The Hunt again for another fun season!