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Growing pumpkins 2017

So the start of a new season brings the opportunity for a new garden of pumpkins! The wild thing is that we’ve started our growing efforts with an unclaimed and uncarved pumpkin from last year. (What?) Yes, I didn’t get the chance to carve it.  Silly me! This was a leftover from a local church lot that posted Free to All the day after Halloween of 2016. We claimed one and put it on our door step and forgot about it. After it lasted through the winter and a week into spring, I noticed it finally showing signs of rotting. (Remember this thing was out during Thanksgiving, Xmas, and throughout ). I was hoping it would make it to the 4th of July for a firework carving.  But, eh, not gonna happen… unless.  Maybe make my own? So, after reading that a pumpkin plant can grow from the remains of a rotting pumpkin, I thought we’d give that a try. I took the remains and SMOOSHED it into a large pot and covered with soil.  (Much to the dismay of my partner… as I unseated her mint plant. Sorry, sweetie!) Added water and waited a week. Oh yeah!!  That worked.  We have a couple seeds starting to sprout now.  I guess we will see what...

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Still hunting in 2016

Although, we had no game or leagues this year, we remain committed to counting the jacks. Currently we have over 500 accounted for and now begin to salvage count to see how high our total pumpkins for 2016 will go. Thank you to Carol in North Dakota for contributing 38 to the...

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2017 Game Launches in September!