The tools we use are mighty crucial to whatever we are trying to do!  In our case, we are trying to account for the most real, carved jack-o-lanterns ever via photos and posts.
That is what PumpkinHunt is all about!

For years, we have mentally wandered around, keeping a mental track of how many we see and rattling off numbers in our heads.  Each turn, we always find another grinning pumpkin face, and we recall what number we are on.

When tracking a LOT of jacks, it is easy to lose track of what number you are on.  Especially when you enter the hundreds.

Enter our new tool, the simple hand-held counter!  Wow, this tool is going to make counting SO MUCH EASIER!  Why didn’t we get one of these years ago?

As we depart to neighborhoods and events where we expect to encounter thousands of jack-o-lanterns this Halloween, we will be armed and ready to take the count to the next level with our little clicking friend!