Do not look behind you if you hear footsteps. It might be the dead following you.

Don’t Look Behind You is the partial title of a book by Ann Rule.
Don’t Look Behind You and Other True Cases.
This is more of a crime tale, though. Where a stalker appears.

Another reference to such a tale is the Japanese reference to Betobeto-san as the mythical set of footsteps that just wants to pass you, according to this article.

But the key to this Halloween superstition is to not turn around if you all of a sudden “hear” footsteps and you are sure no one else is around. If you turn around, you will join the dead.

Where this started, the research I’ve done is inconclusive. It clearly started during earlier centuries… when science wasn’t as strong to disapprove such claims.

Also, I have to wonder with the appearance of horror movies, this superstition didn’t have more credence and got started from the movies alone.

To me, this is silly. I’d rather turn around and make sure that NO ONE is behind me and if there is, I can deal with them appropriately. (A Friendly wave for the friendly, mace and bullets for the ill-intented).

So, in my opinion, NOT turning around could prove more deadly that turning around.

I think most would agree.