Don’t you love it when you buy a bag of candy to celebrate Halloween?  And isn’t cool when that bag of candy turns out to have an extra level of fun in it?

This 2019 Halloween Season, Snickers has put out a party bag of Snicker minis that all have one of seven different wrappers.  One for each letter in their product name “Snickers”.  Yes, their product name has eight letters in it, but there are seven unique letters.

With this product, you get not only candy but also a ready-to-play game with friends!  A Candy Game, if you will!


Party Bag of Candy

Here’s how to play

Prep –

1. Go through the bag and determine how many times you can spell Snickers completely, this will tell you how many people could play at the same time.  For Example – If you can spell the word 9 times, then you can have a maximum number of 9 players.

2. Put all the completed candy words in the candy bag (or some cloth bag that you cannot look through).  Keep it in a cool place until ready to play.

Object –

Be the first player to spell the word “Snickers”.

Setup –

– Get some players to play up to the maximum player count you determined during the prep.

– Make sure each player has some room at a table or something they can set their letters.

– Try to get the players in some sort of circle gathering, so they can clearly determine who is the “player on their left.”


Play –

Start with choosing the youngest (or oldest) player to start picking from the bag.

During each player’s turn, they pick one candy from the bag.

If the player can use the candy to build the word Snickers, the player put the piece in front of them.

If the player cannot use the letter because they already have a letter in their word, they put the candy back in the bag.

The “player to their left” will now take their turn and follow the same process above.

The process continues until one player can ultimately spell “Snickers”.  That player is the winner!

(This is not an Ad for Snickers, we just like the candy and noticed a game that could be played from the product.)

Other Candy Game ideas –

Don’t like Snickers?

You could variant this type of game with Twix and their “Left” and “Right” wrappers.  The objective here would be the first player to collect 5 of each type of wrapper.

Also, Skittles or M&M’s could be used where the player’s objective is to collect one of each color until you have all colors possible.

Have Fun!