Very often you will see orbs in photographs. Many people believe that these orbs are actually ghosts or spirits. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one often see these orbs of light captured in photographs as the spirit of their loved one who has remained earth bound by choice.

Ghost hunters often declare that the unexplained orbs in their photographs are actually undeniable proof that ghosts do exist and the are, in fact, photogenic when they choose to be.

Science, of course, tells us otherwise. According to those who should know, the ghostly orbs seen in photographs are actually undeniable proof that a flash or light can bounce back off of a minute particle and create a glare on the lens. When orbs appear in photographs taken outdoors, the scientists say that it is caused by sunlight reflecting off of a dust particle.

Those who have a solid belief in the existence of ghosts and spirits, of course, don’t agree with such “logic.” These believers say that ghosts and spirits use the form of an orb because it takes less energy than other forms. They say that the orb can change its shape and take the form of a human or other animal when it chooses to do so.

In the world of believers-in-ghosts, orbs are seen as benign spirits that mean no harm. They aren’t “evil” like other spirits, or at least, they usually aren’t.

Some believers-in-ghosts as well as others believe that these orbs are actually advanced life forms. The orbs are thought to be “airborne life forms” or “plasma” perhaps from distant galaxies that have come to earth to observe us much as a scientist might look at germs or bacteria under a microscope.