There are an amazing number of people who subscribe to the belief that the earth is often visited by inhabitants of other planes (ghosts, demons, etc.) as well as inhabitants of other planets in solar systems far, far away from our own.

There are those who claim to have seen and talked to visitors that live all around us, but on an unseen plane other than the material plane where humans live. Many have attempted to photograph these otherworldly visitors in an effort to prove their existence to the rest of the unbelieving (earthly) world.

So far no real photographic “proof” has been forthcoming. All of the attempts to date have proven to be either natural phenomenon caught on film or doctored film. That doesn’t mean that the attempts will be abandoned.

There are others who firmly believe that the earth has been visited and continues to be visited by beings from other galaxies. Before science was equipped to prove differently, it was generally accepted that these beings were actually from the planet Mars in our own galaxy and were green with large round heads and small bodies. Since science has proven that that scenario isn’t a possibility, the claim now is that these beings are from planets in other galaxies far, far away. And this would be extremely far away, as in several hundred thousand light years.

There is a basic human need, I think, to not want to believe that we are alone in this unimaginably large universe. Some people will seek confirmation that we are not alone by believing in beings from other planes right here on earth while others seek confirmation by looking for beings from other galaxies.

Maybe they are both wrong, or maybe, just maybe, they are both right!