Everybody knows that a four-leaf clover brings good luck-doesn’t it?

There is no real reason why the four-leaf clover should be considered “lucky” other than the fact that four-leaf clovers were scarce at one time.

Side note, they are no longer scarce. There are fields of four-leaf clovers today.  All the genetic engineering we have has taken the fun out of things. Still, the notion persists.

Some say that the four-leaf clover has its roots (pardon the pun) in religion. They say that the four-leaf clover was what Eve grabbed when God banished her and Adam from the Garden of Eden to remind her of paradise. Others say that the four leaves of the clover represent Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck.

Still, others say that the first three leaves of a four-leaf clover represent the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit) and the fourth leaf represents the grace of God.

Four-leaf clovers are abundant today, but they are still sold as good luck charms. You can purchase four-leaf clovers encased in plastic on key chains. Four-leaf clover shapes are often used for charms on charm bracelets and other jewelry. Some have even been known to have a four-leaf clover tattooed onto their body for luck.

The four-leaf clover is also known as a shamrock, and it’s said that if you carry a shamrock with you, it will bring you the “luck of the Irish.”   This is Good Luck, we assume.

As far as we know, there has never been any scientific testing applied to the “luck factor” of the four-leaf clover. There’s no scientific proof available.  And no one has funded such research, I mean, really, who would?

Maybe the same person that finds that “pot o’ gold” at the end of the rainbow will do the funded research for humanity.

Still, on the outside chance that there is some “good luck” supplied by a four-leaf clover, we may as well carry one. It can’t hurt.

Oh, and what does any of this have to do with Halloween?  We should be posting about Pumpkins and all things dead and scary…

Well, after ALL the BAD LUCK posts we have on here with evil, horrible superstitions that will cause hours of torture, days of misery, and years of rotten luck… I figure that we need to post about the CURE ALL for this.  The 4 leaf clover!

Now go out and pick a bunch in that field full of them… you are going to need them to get through Halloween!