If a bat flies into a house, it is a sign that ghosts are about, and the ghost has let the bat into the house.

Another variety of this is that bats bring BAD luck… or that they bring GOOD luck. Or, more realistically, you might just have vermin in your house and the bat was hungry!

Ghosts might have the power to open doors and beckon critters in, but I’d have to wonder why they would bother.

Look, ghosts may be in your house whether a bat flies in or not.

I think the most GOOD luck I’ve seen with bats on Halloween is that they keep the mosquito count down whenever they fly around my house (good little bats! YAY!).  Since I live in Florida, that is a great thing!

They are fun to watch them fly around OUTSIDE.

I think we can just chalk this up to BAD LUCK that you have a rabid, flying rodent inside your home… and you gotta get it out before it bites someone.  😉

If this legend is true and it happens a lot, you probably have a poltergeist and you’d better call an exorcist…   but more than likely, some just left the door open by accident.  Dummy!