When bobbing for apples, the first person to bite an apple will be the first to marry.

This appears to apply more to kids than adults. At any Halloween party, usually there is the bobbing for apples event. This activity is where you and other willing participants try to grab an apple from a wash basin of water using nothing but your wits and your mouth… in case you weren’t aware.

Usually, the first to bite and retrieve an apple gets a prize nowadays. This may be where the superstition transitioned into the modern day.

Most young girls dream of the day they get married.

So, I’m thinking girls would still try to keep this superstition alive… as the boys don’t really want anything to do with marriage. Well, maybe teenage boys do. College boys, possibly… If they aren’t having more fun playing the field.

It doesn’t hurt anything to believe in this Halloween superstition, as the “first to get married” could still be 10 or more years from that party.