Go to cross roads on Halloween and listen to the wind. The wind will tell you all the most important things that will happen to you during the next 12 months

As a believer in the Universe helping people out when they ask, I’m inclined to think this one may still be true.

The wind, or something within, has been a guiding force in my life. I often have ideas and thoughts about important things that are yet to come in the next few weeks… as long as I focus and put my mind to it.

It stands to reason that the wind might have more to say on All Hallows Eve for those that are willing to listen.

The trick (or treat) would be finding such a cross road with no one or no moving around.
You’d have to really head to the backwoods for this to work.

Maybe you’d get the best results around 11 pm… just after Pumpkin Hunting and you are still awake looking for something to do.

This one would be fun to try some day, but please make sure there is no one using the roads at the time.