Halloween is a night when kids and grownups both like to dress up in monster costumes. The kids like to go trick or treating, and the adults like to go to costume parties. Monster costumes always have been and probably always will be the first choice of kids and adults.

Some of the favorite Halloween costumes are:

1. Bats: Bats are creatures of the night, so they are automatically associated with things that are dark and evil. Most bats eat insects. Some eat fruit. Some do drink blood, and that’s where the idea that they could be transformed vampires came from.

2. Ghosts: Ghosts are part of the culture of every society that has ever lived on earth. Some people believe that ghosts are spirits of the dead that haven’t found their way to the afterlife or don’t want to go to the afterlife because of unfinished business here on earth.

3. Mummies: We can thank Hollywood for the popularity of mummy Halloween costumes. The idea of preserved dead bodies coming back to life can cause panic, which is exactly what Hollywood was counting on.

4. Witches: Witches and witchcraft have always struck fear in the heart of humans. Young women were burned at the stake when they were accused of being witches back in Salem. Everybody knows that witches have long pointy noses, wear black robes and pointy hats, and ride on broomsticks.

5. Werewolves: What could be more frightening than a part-human/part-wolf creature that drinks blood and eat human flesh? Again, Hollywood is responsible. Think Dracula.

6. Zombies: Zombies are the undead. They’re soulless creatures that are controlled by the forces of evil. Zombies are slaves to their masters and do the evil bidding of the dark force that controls them. Hollywood loved this one, too.

Monster Halloween costumes are always a good choice for trick or treating and partygoing!