Halloween is a time of year when the scary creatures emerge from the dark to give children and adults alike a scare. Many homeowners get into the act, decorating their homes with creepy things intended to give the unwary a fright. There is a wide array of different home décor items available for Halloween decoration, but none is as popular as the Halloween skeleton.

There are many different types of Halloween skeleton decorations that can be purchased to decorate your home. The prices can range from a couple of dollars to a couple hundred dollars, depending on which type of Halloween skeleton you prefer. The cheapest versions consists of a cardboard cut out that is painted black with white bones that can easily be hung on a door or a wall. Many people consider this to be the traditional Halloween skeleton and the design has remained unchanged for decades.

Mid-Range Skeletons

In the middle of the price range are the non-traditional Halloween skeleton decorations. This category includes a wide array of skeleton designs and applications. One of the most popular is the realistic skeleton, which looks just like the skeleton used in many health or science classes in grade school. These skeletons have formed plastic bones and can be arranged in a multitude of positions. Some individuals like to place this Halloween skeleton by the front door, sitting in a chair with a bowl of candy for the trick or treaters in its lap. Others choose to have the skeleton hanging from a tree or perched on the roof keeping watch for anyone up to mischief.

There are Halloween skeleton lights and lamps available for purchase at many retailers, ranging in size from the size of Christmas lights to lanterns that are almost four feet tall. The skeleton can be included in the light to create a silhouette or the light can be included in the head or body cavity of the Halloween skeleton to create a scary lamp. Some manufacturers use the skull of the skeleton as a candle holder, molded so that the wax will drip out of the eyes, nose, or mouth of the skull. These candle holders will accept any common taper candle, but specially made red and black candles can be purchase from the Halloween decorations store to provide the most dramatic effects.

High Priced Skeletons

The most expensive types of Halloween skeleton decorations are the fiber optic and animatronic skeletons. These skeletons range in size from a few feet high to life sized and are typically outfitted with pulsing or flashing lights. If you want a Halloween skeleton that can move, talk, dance, or pop out and scare someone, then these are the skeletons you want. They are a bit pricey, costing anywhere from $75 to several hundred dollars, but they can be reused year after year, unlike most Halloween decorations. Choosing the right Halloween skeleton decorations for your home can be a challenge, but with so many varieties available, you are sure to find one that you like.