Annually, Americans spend millions of dollars purchasing holiday home décor for their homes. Decorating your home for the holiday is a fun way to showcase your home and brighten up the neighborhood. The mot popular holidays for purchasing home décor are Christmas and, surprisingly, Halloween. Finding the perfect Halloween home décor can be a fun and entertaining experience, if you know where to look.

Great Halloween home décor will be unique and dramatic, which means that shopping at your neighborhood mega-store is out. The national retailers have sections for seasonal merchandise that they stock with overpriced, generic items as soon as the Fourth of July is over. Many of these items are found in multiple store chains which means that every half-baked home decorator in the country will be buying these same items. To find great Halloween home décor, you must be willing to look elsewhere.

Where To Purchase Halloween Home Décor

A great place to purchase Halloween home décor is seasonal specialty Halloween stores. These stores typically appear around the end of August and are gone by the second week of November. They are located in empty store fronts that they have leased from the owners for the season, which means that the location of the store can change from year to year. These stores carry Halloween merchandise only and typically have the widest selection of Halloween home décor to be found in the city.

Many of these stores carry a large amount of items but have a limited inventory, so if you intend to purchase Halloween home décor from one of these stores, it is suggested that you shop early for the best selection. These stores carry home décor items that cannot be found in any other store, such as life sized robotic skeletons, pneumatic caskets, and full scale graveyard replicas. The items that are purchased here can be expensive and because of the store’s short duration, a return policy is typically non-existent.

Another great place to purchase unique Halloween home décor is online retailers that specialize in items for Halloween. These retailers are open year round and provide an easy opportunity for consumers to compare prices between stores. The major drawback of purchasing Halloween home décor from an online retailer is that you will have to pay extra to have the items shipped to your home. If the item is heavy, it can add a large amount of money to your final bill. Finding the right Halloween home décor to decorate your home should be a fun and stress-free event. After all, fun is what Halloween is all about.