Halloween is the one time of year that makes everyone want to get as gruesome as possible. From scary costumes to evil looking foods, everything including Halloween horror music is sought after by millions year after year. However, the one thing that many complain about when it comes to Halloween is the fact that everything is so expensive!

After purchasing a few pounds of candy, buying all the Halloween costumes for the family and spending another small fortune on Halloween decorations, the wallet has lost a lot of weight. But what’s Halloween without horror music? Here’s one thing we can actually produce without having to pay for it. All you need is some imagination, a tape recorder and plenty of blank recording tapes.

Create your Own Halloween Horror Music

Making Halloween horror music at home not only saves you quite a bit of money, but it’s a fun activity the entire family can do together. By putting your heads together, you can come up with original soundtrack that is sure to scare the pants off the trick or treat goblins! Things you can use to create your Halloween horror music can be found around the house. Pots and pans make great startling noises. Paper bags and plastic bags give another dimension to the music.

Ideas for Your Halloween Horror Music

Have someone take the tape recorder into the bathroom, where it tends to echo a lot. The person or persons in the bathroom should tape themselves making helpless screams. From small shrills to high pitched horror, these sound effects will do the trick. Also moving things around in the background while screaming, will add to the horror effect. Things like chains and pieces of glass dropping in the sink are great tools to use.

If you have pets, catching them on tape while they’re playing, meowing or barking is great for making sound effects that are meant to sound like you’re listening to some old junkyard. Young children giggling are a very eerie sound when among other creepy sounds, and is a popular horror sound to many.

If you want to record multiple different sound effects separately and then put them together as a Halloween Horror Music masterpiece, you simply need the ability to upload your sound effects to a computer and find a program that will allow you to put them together and edit everything as you’d like it to be. Simply doing a search on Google or another search engine like it, will yield plenty of results for you to choose from.