When it comes to Halloween, it’s a fun time of year to decorate your home inside and out. After all, how often do you get to crank the sounds of scary monsters and other spooky sounds, while pretending you live in a different world of scariness? In today’s world, everyone can use a break from reality!

Whether you have kids or not, you may wish to decorate your home with Halloween décor indoors. Without having to spend money on decorations, you can make your own fun themes and décor that will knock your visitors’ socks off!

Ideas for Indoor Halloween Décor

The first thing you’ll want to do is probably visit a craft store. Some things you’ll need to employ the following ideas include:

– Orange and lack crepe paper, preferably the larger size
– A few pieces each of some orange and black construction paper
– Some string to be used for hanging decorations
– Some newspaper
– A bottle of glue
– A pair of scissors
– Cotton, lots of it!

With these supplies, you can make a number of different indoor Halloween decorations. Taking a piece of large crepe paper and placing a fist sized ball of crumbled newspaper in the middle of it, fold the ends up toward the middle and around the newspaper. Using a twist tie (like the ones you get with garbage bags) to secure the paper together, you’ve got yourself a friendly, or not so friendly, ghost.

With the cotton, you can use the orange crepe paper and make pumpkins out of them, big enough to sit on the floor throughout your house. The construction paper can be used to make eyes and mouths for the ghosts and pumpkins, giving them extra life. Attach the string to the ghosts to make them fly!

Also, making signs and banners for Halloween and using them in windows can be done with the listed supplies, the options really are limitless. You can even buy specialty items like pipe cleaners and rolling eyes to create scary looking spiders and rats!

Using food as indoor Halloween décor is a great idea too. By cooking spaghetti and adding ketchup to them afterward, you can display them in a bowl as a fresh batch of intestines and grapes in red Jello make great eyeballs too. Bake a few chicken legs in the oven and when they’re finished, take the meat and skin off then display the bones on a plate. You can drop a few pieces of chicken meat around to give the dish an even spookier look! You may not want to eat this stuff, but it sure does make great indoor Halloween décor!