Halloween comes once a year but it is the one of the top ten holidays in the United States of America. The usual Halloween celebrations are filled with spooky monsters going trick or treating and fright filled parties. Halloween originated from Europe and came to the Americas and other parts of the world along with the migrants who migrated to other countries. Variations have been added and now trick or treating is primarily an Americana tradition. Most older children have Halloween parties in their friends houses or their own. These parties are filled with Halloween music and other dance music.

Along with the props and costumes that children and adults use for the holiday, Halloween music is one integral part having a successful night or party. Most parties have the requisite monster costumes and scary decorations to make for a successful time. Most partygoers are usually the older children who are attending a friends’ party or having a party of their own, complete with scary costumes, eerie décor and spooky Halloween music.

Halloween Music

When you say Halloween music, this could actually mean a lot of things. It could be spooky noises associated with legendary or mythical creatures of the night. The sounds these creatures are thought to produce are groans, howls, shrieks and other eerie noises that tend to make your hair stand especially when integrated with other spooky props for Halloween. These howls and shrieks are often compounded with creaky doors opening or closing and other animal growls. Other noises that are usually consider for Halloween are the wind howling and eerie laughter.

On the other hand, Halloween music could also just dance music that are specialized for spooky times or darker times. Most popular is the Michael Jackson Thriller song that was a hit during the early eighties. Other singers have also come up with their version of Halloween music and these could be used, too. Sometimes, young people who hold parties just use ordinary dance music to dance to the occasion. Others use trance music to get the eerie feel or an otherworldly feel.

Halloween music does not necessarily mean just screams and shrieks, these eerie sounds can also be integrated into a song and it can be classified as Halloween music. It is more dependent on the trend at the moment and of the preference of the listeners. Sometimes, dark and heavy music can be used along with the right Halloween props to get the desired feeling of spookiness and eeriness.