A great many things happen in the world today that have no logical explanation. Oh, the naysayers try hard to find answers that are built on solid and indisputable hard evidence that “PROVE” that there was nothing supernatural involved. But sometimes even the most stubborn of these naysayers are forced to admit that they can’t explain how or even why an event occurred.

There are those who willingly and gladly accept the premise that supernatural events occur for which there is simply no logical explanation. Others never accept such a concept no matter how much “evidence” of the supernatural they are presented with. Sill others come to grudgingly admit that there IS a real possibility that the supernatural is, well, real, and thereby very natural.

A young woman’s mother died. The young woman and her mother had had a disagreement, and the daughter wasn’t speaking to her mother at the time of her mother’s unexpected death. The young woman was, of course, extremely upset and blamed herself for her mother’s death. She regretted the senseless argument. She was distraught.

Several nights after the death, the young woman was awakened in the night and saw her mother standing at the foot of her bed. She was terrified at first, but then saw that her mother brought nothing but love for her. The departed mother told her that she loved her daughter and had been saving a ring that had belonged to an ancestor that she now wanted her daughter to have.

In great detail, the departed mother told the daughter how and where to find the ring. The next morning, the young woman thought she must have been dreaming, but she followed the directions her mother had given her and found the ring.

Some things just simply do not have a logical explanation. Some are just unexplained!