Creating a Halloween costume, whether a children’s or adult’s Halloween costume, does not have to cost the individual a lot of money. There are homemade Halloween costumes that can be made from materials that are found around the house and can turn out to be the hit of any Halloween party. Imagination is the most important tool to use when creating these Halloween costumes, since it takes more thought and planning than simply going to a costume store and buying a pre-made costume.

Materials and Tips

There are some homemade Halloween costumes that can be made from boxes. Individuals can become a playing card by simply painting whichever playing card design and color is desired on both sides of the box. Another homemade Halloween costume idea is to make a race car out of the box by painting it red and thumb tacking paper plates onto it for the wheels. A computer is another box costume idea where the main box will be the computer screen by painting it a light color and then painting a black screen on it. Then a shoe box lid can be tacked to it, on which the individual has painted or drawn a keyboard.

There are other homemade Halloween costumes that can be made out of other materials that are around the house. A butterfly costume or other insect can be created simply by the individual wearing a pair of black sweatpants and a sweatshirt for the body. A headband can be used to attach pipe cleaners to it for the antennas, with some fluffy pom-poms in whatever color is desired attached to the ends of them. The wings of the homemade butterfly Halloween costume can be made out of poster board, one piece for each wing. The wings should be drawn onto the poster board, colored in with different designs, and then cut out. Holes should be punched in the top and bottom of the wind so that they can be tied together with black string, and then another piece of string can be placed through the holes to tie it to the chest and waist.

There is an interesting bat costume that can be made as a homemade Halloween costume. All that is required is a pair of black sweats and a black umbrella. The umbrella should be torn in half and the stem of the umbrella is discarded. This creates the two wings which can be safety pinned to the back of the sweatshirt.