Although wearing one of those sinister looking Halloween outfits is tempting, try not to be lazy and wear the same Count Dracula costume that you wore to the party last year. Count Dracula may be an all time Halloween favorite but looking like him every year can be really boring. Jazzing up the Dracula outfit or making some homemade Halloween costume on your own may not be a good idea either. Unless you are one of those very creative people who can come up with some really cool costumes from scratch, you should not attempt to make your own costumes at home.

Instead of wearing that homemade costume, try buying some funny Halloween costume from a reputable store for a change. Funny Halloween costumes are always welcome during parties. Just one look at those funny Halloween costumes is enough to liven up the party. To help you create a stir when you arrive at the party, here are some funny Halloween costume ideas for you.

Dress And Act Like Your Boss

If you are going to an office party, try showing up dressed like your boss. Yeah, dressing up like your boss for the office party can be a little risky but it will surely draw a lot of laughter for your colleague. Use your acting skills and impersonate your boss. Just make sure that your boss won’t be at the party or else you could be in great trouble. It would be difficult for you to demand a salary increase if you impersonate your boss badly. On the other hand, if your boss happens to have a great deal of sense of humor, you are in luck. Laughter breaks the ice and heals a lot of social ills. If you boss is pleased with your impersonation, he may remember you when it is time to give fat bonuses to employees. Who knows, you might get some extra bonus for being so entertaining!

Go For The Happy Bunny Get Up

Dressing in funny animal costumes always bring is some laughter. If you are looking for some funny Halloween costumes, check out those animal costumes. The happy bunny is one of the animal characters that you might want to check out. This bunny love to spew some obnoxious things while wearing an angelic smile. Memorize a few of its famous funny lines and crack a few jokes of your own during the party. Just make sure that you do not turn out to be more obnoxious than the original happy bunny or else the people around the room may be tempted to throw you out.