Halloween has become one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States today. Halloween has come a long way from what researchers believe it to be during the time of the Celts and Druids. Halloween history can be traced back to the times of Celts and Druids. These people lived in what is now known as the United Kingdom, Ireland and some parts of France. During those primitive times many pagan festivals were held.

The Start of Halloween History

These Celts and Druids celebrated the start of their year on November 1st. In this region, summer ends at this particular time. Along with the end of summer is the end of the harvest season also. The Celtic people believed that on November 1st, the barrier to our world and that of the spirit world wanes and makes the spirits able to cross over to our world. This gives the spirits of the dead to create havoc and confusion in our world. The Celts have a pagan festival that keeps the spirits of the dead at bay through sacrifice and fire.

Samhain was celebrated the night before November 1st. The night of October 31st was the optimum time for the Celtic people to thwart the dead from returning to our world and making mischief. At the same time, their Druid priests relied on these dead spirits to help them foresee the future. The Celt celebrated the Samhain by sacrificing some of their crops to appease the dead spirits.

They built fires where they gave sacrifices to the Celtic deities to ensure protection from the dead spirits. As they gave sacrifices, they wore animal costumes and tried to foresee the future of each other. When Rome took over their land, the Samhain was integrated with two other Roman festivals. Halloween history now takes a turn to bring it closer to what it is now.

By the time Christianity was in place, the Halloween history has already taken root from the pagan beliefs and was once again integrated into a Christian belief. As the Europeans found their way to the New World, they brought with them their traditions which soon evolved to fit their new country. Halloween history has finally come to an end in the United States of America.

What It Is Now

Halloween is now celebrated with costumes and treats and is so popular in the United States that many candy makers make specialized candies and props for this one night. Children and adult enjoy trick or treating around their neighborhood streets.